Custom Pump Fabrication and Equipment Rental

United Rentals’ performance pump rental fleet is able to handle almost any fluid transfer situation. But when unique or demanding jobs demand a custom solution, our team of engineers will build an exact pump configuration to meet the need.

Engine & Motor Alternatives

Electric motors and diesel-driven engines are options that power our pump fleet. Both options have advantages given the job's specific pump needs. Air- cooled, water-cooled, super-charged, low running speed/long running, and high running speed/short running engine or motor options are available for various applications or job demands.

Explosion Proof and Sound Attenuated Pump Options

Sound attenuated or intrinsically safe, explosion-proof pumps comply with all safety and government regulations. Our pump systems are built to adhere to the NEMA rating requirements set for the pump’s safe operation within potentially hazardous environments. The dBa Silencer Pump series is built to perform in compliance with the strictest municipal sound emission regulations.

Impeller Trim/Construction Alternatives

The trimmed impeller is the invisible pump performance enhancer.  Built into any size pump, a trimmed impeller offers increased flow, higher total dynamic head, achieves higher PSI, and has increased solids handling capacity. If your job demands durable and powerful pump performance, a trimmed impeller is a simple solution, offering enhanced performance without overexerting the pump.  Impellers can also come in ductile iron or stainless steel construction, either of which has its advantages depending on the fluid pumped and other application variables.

Priming Systems

The Vacuum-Assisted Priming System is a dry prime option that evacuates its priming chamber at an impressive 50 CFM. Venturi Priming (also known as the compressor priming system) is a dry prime option that uses compressed air to evacuate the priming chamber quickly and efficiently. Self-priming pumps are wet prime pumps that require fluid in the priming chamber to initiate priming.  Self-prime pumps are good options for continuous flow and solid/sediment-rich fluid transfer applications.

Pump Configuration Options

Custom manifolds, suction and discharge swedges, reducers, and various fittings provide custom pump options that optimize pump configuration and performance to accommodate any jobsite or application.

Trailer or Skid Mounted

Two and four-wheel, DOT compliant, trailer-mounted and skid-mounted pump configurations are available to accommodate certain job variables and requirements.

Additional Custom Fabricated Equipment

Filter Pot Systems - In-house designed and fabricated trailer-mounted dual filter pot systems available for sedimentation control in fluid transfer applications requiring small solids and sediment filtration as small as 50 microns.  These portable systems have quickly become staples in long distance oil and gas water transfer applications requiring continuous run sedimentation control.

Road Crossings - Our stackable road crossings are constructed of galvanized steel capable of supporting any truck or jobsite vehicle.  These 12’ and 24’ road crossings come standard with 6-18”, 150# flanged fittings to hook up to hose or compatible fitting conduits allowing safe and uninterrupted fluid movement and jobsite accessibility.